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Jumping The Shark_ Match with the Space

Jumping The Shark

Ready to retire and find his mate, Ma'xon signs up the Terrianne Rehoming Programme to find his perfect human companion. Tired of standard internet dating, Odette signs up for a blind dates app that sets her up with her ideal partner. Now she just has to manage her date rehoming her to his tropical alien planet filled with shark people.

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The Widow of Fortune

We know what monsters meet up in the basement of Our Lady of Mercy every Tuesday night, but what about the monsters who don't? After being exiled from Gwenmore for 150 years, Jackdaw Torrence is back. Is history going to repeat itself when he finds the reincarnation of his lost fated mate?

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About Ash Raven

Ash Raven is an indie author who specialises in spicy monster and alien romances that focus on plus-size and LGBTQ+ leads who get the love of a lifetime. 

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