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Jumping The Shark: Tags, Tropes, and More


This is what I have been training for. Finding my mate after months of practising the art of wooing the human who is scientifically best suited for me. I am too old to feel this nervous about meeting her in person for the first time, but that won’t stop me. Now when she wakes up, I just have to convince her we are meant to be. Will she still accept me after taking her away from Earth?


The worst way to start a date? Show up late. The best way to end it? Alien Abduction. After a RomCom worthy first date, I never expected it to take an out of this world turn. When a hot giant shark man who owns his own home on a tropical planet wants to spoil me, who am I to say no? Now if only I can get him to accept his retirement so I can spoil him back.


Jumping The Shark: Matched with the Space Shark: Tags, Tropes, and More

CONTENT TAGS: Plus size female lead, shark man male lead, blind date, alien abduction, anti mars needs women, ridiculous t-shirts, scienced soulmates, and campy but inaccurate space physics

CONTENT WARNINGS: Alien abduction, blood (period and mating bite), scarring (mating bite), consensual aphrodisiac usage, mentions of anxiety and work related stress, mentions of strict and absent parents, and parental death (natural)

SEX RELATED KINKS: Power exchange dynamic, Daddy Dom, hints of DDlg, bratting (unplanned), dupeen MMC with special features, mating frenzy (heat), aphrodisiac saliva, spit play, double penetration, anal play, fluid play, flavoured cum, spanking, thigh fucking, oral sex, and biting


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