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The Librarian of Souls: Tags, Tropes, and More

The Librarian of Souls by Ash Raven is out now on KU, eBook, and paperback through Amazon

Augustine Ravenscroft-

Immortality is stale. For decades, I have been a paragon of self-control, never once allowing my sands to feast on the humans that surround me, tempt me.

Until her.

Every rule-abiding grain of sand in my body wants to swallow her whole, in her dreams and the mortal world. Her golden aura and honey scent drive me to the brink until I am breaking every order that has kept our monstrous community safe for centuries just to feel her joy and taste her arousal.

Joanna Cole-

My life is stagnating. I’m stuck in a rut of trying to please everyone, but this only leads to more work and sleepless nights. The library is the only place I find solace.

And see him.

It’s ridiculous to have a crush on the librarian I have never spoken to, but he is the man of my dreams. Until one night, the dark and lustful dreams turn into reality. He wants to claim me, and I want him to own me.

When chance encounters don’t add up and old fae magic threatens my life, my only option is to trust Augustine and the new world of secrets and deception he has shown me.


The Librarian of Souls: Tags, Tropes, and More


Plus size/fat female lead, blond moustachioed male lead, accidental mating, fuck or die situation, touch her and die, you touched her so you are dead, sand everywhere but make it romantic and sexy, spines and quills


Dubious consent (while both leads are very interested in one another, the dream state and lack of knowledge surrounding their initial coupling is a bit sketchy), blood/fluid play and consumption, age gap (immortal vs 29), workplace bullying and gaslighting, poor mental health, confronting death, physical assault (on page), assault aftermath, parental death (historical), mention of the foster care system, violence and gore (on page, graphic), gun violence, blood rituals (on page, semi-graphic), murder (on page), vomiting, implied homophobia from background character, discussion and descriptions around hunger, eating, and addiction that may be uncomfortable, humans as a food source


Power exchange dynamic, consensual nonconsent, chasing, collaring, pet play adjacent behaviours, ownership, bondage, orgasm denial, sex pollen adjacent, monster genitals, oral sex, masturbation, p in v sex, minor ass play, spanking, sand play

The Librarian of Souls: Tags, Tropes, and More


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