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The Pirate Queen of Ruin: Tags, Tropes, and More

Orthia Moore

I pledged my life to a god—my Love—who has kept me alive for centuries in hopes that one day I would provide them with enough strength to bring them to our realm. In return, they have given me incredible powers, a second chance...

And a soulmate.

But as time has passed, I’ve not found the one meant for me. That is, until my Love calls for me to drag up a being of such divinity that I know she is my intended. Our god says that she has chosen us.

But she is a human, and I will never claim a human.

Delphini Fields

I have everything: money, power, status—until my penniless playboy of a fiancé murders me. My rage and desperate desire for vengeance calls to an ancient creature, a powerful god who offers me a choice:

Revenge or death?

It’s an easy answer, but with my new life aboard Orthia’s ship comes with many complications. I have new powers I can’t fully harness, and we’re on a mission to help raise a god from the abyss. Not to mention, I have a soulmate who's determined to keep me at arm’s length.

But I always get what I want.


The Pirate Queen of Ruin: Tags, Tropes, and More

Trigger Warnings:

Sexual assault (on page, semi graphic), drugging, physical assault, child abuse (historic, semi graphic), trauma responses, fatphobia (not MCs), parental abuse (emotional), violence, gore, body horror, blood, torture, mention of human trafficking, murder, implied necromancy, humans as a source power

Content Tags: 

Throuple power, murder as a love language, ovipositing for power, arranged marriage gone wrong, yo-ho pirates, a sexy sword fight, my body is literally a temple, the eldritch horror plays matchmaker, everybody is fucking everybody

Sex Related Kinks: 

Ovipositing (no pregnancy), tentacles, stuffing, aphrodisiac, knife play, light bondage, spanking (pussy and ass), traffic light system safe words, praise kink, captain kink, voyeurism, orgy, light degradation (not MCs), ass play, spitting, power exchange dynamics, edging and orgasm denial


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